Cutter Cuban French Toast

Cutter Cuban French Toast

Wandering the streets of Havana Vieja is like a photographer’s wet dream.  I walked from the historic Hotel Nacional with its crystal chandeliers, ornate furnishings, and pictures of stars who had visited from the 1920s to today.  I walked through the crumbling sections, with the locals playing football, baseball, or dominoes in the street, and finally to the touristic “Havana vieja,”…

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Gaff Guava Feta Pastries

Gaff Guava Feta Pastries

guava feta pastries2

Salud! Education! Seguridad!

Cuba’s motto and Castro’s battle cry. Health, education, and security.  Well, Cuba certainly has all of those things, but at what cost?  Cuba has an excellent health care system.  In fact the Cuban government is encouraging foreigners to come for medical tourism.  Unfortunately, especially in smaller towns, it is difficult to even get soap.

ration card
Even in Havana women come…

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  Cuba is one of the most fascinating and frustrating places I have visited.  The local…


Cuba is one of the most fascinating and frustrating places I have visited.  The local population and the foreigners are in two worlds and the government does everything it can to keep them separate. Cuban citizens aren’t allowed in marinas if they are not working there. No Cuban who isn’t on official business, in other words checking a boat in or out of a marina, is allowed on a boat or even…

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Oyster mushroom

xoyster gn 2

“I don’t like hyenas. They’re so ugly! They just look vicious,” the French-Canadian man stated.  That was how the argument started. Bev, the lovely Australian cruiser, chimed in against the hyena. I wasn’t having any of it.  Hyenas fascinate me.  This maligned straw-man of the Serengeti.  Everyone thinks of them as canine, but they are genetically closer to cats.  It always upset me how people…

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Latin Landfall Salad

What is the most famous band from Cuba?” Sato San asked me over lunch.

It was our first day in the country and we were exploring Varadero.  So far the famous beach town had offered little but street vendors and tourist traps.  Even the locals had told us emphatically that this was decidedly not Cuba.  We had found the least touristic-looking restaurant we could and had a meager lunch of bean…

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Fair Weather Feta Leek Quiche

Fair Weather Feta Leek Quiche

feta leek quiche 3

Bent Rudder

x bent rudder

Spirits were high motoring out of Gaviotta Bay.  We were going to Cuba!  Cuba… home of the mojito and the daiquiri, with salsa, fabulous music and better cigars.  The Bahamas had been lovely, but we were ready for a little culture and some fabulous night life.  Maybe some lush jungle treks as well.  Who knew everything Cuba had in store.  We were more than ready to explore all…

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Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain

x pinky and the brain shell

Pinky and the Brain


Before we could even pick up a mooring ball off of George Town a dinghy motored up, calling to us.  “We have a mooring ball for you. Just follow me.,” a boy who couldn’t have been older than early 20′s led us around the island to the St Francis Resort.  We had been looking forward to getting to the North American St. Francis headquarters.  We had met George, the…

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  I slipped on the snorkel and slid off of the paddle board into the shallow aquamarine…

seafood biryani

I slipped on the snorkel and slid off of the paddle board into the shallow aquamarine Bahamas waters.  Looking down I saw the shapes of 5 rays hiding under the sand, their tails sticking up just their eyes exposed, watching warily.  The ethereal form of one meter-wide ray glided gracefully past. He must have given his brethren some sort of signal. I shrieked in surprise (as much as one can…

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Whitecap Conch in White Wine Sauce

Whitecap Conch in White Wine Sauce

x whitecap white wine sauceThe Bahamas are brimming with hidden treasures. Even crawling with island-hopping cruisers there is always a new adventure to embark on. If you’re into that sort of thing.  The guidebooks give highlights of the major tourist destinations: swimming pigs, iguana islands, sunken planes and that sort of thing.

But as with anywhere, some of the most exciting things are hidden.  The best is meeting…

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Top 7 ways to tender Conch

Top 7 ways to tender Conch

x conch seller 1

The Bahamas are one of the only places in the world where fresh seafood is cheaper than fruits and veggies.  Even in Nassau, one of the most touristy, expensive islands of the Bahamas you can buy a conch, caught and cleaned for $2-3.  Go to the grocery store and you’ll find a head of lettuce for $5, if you’re extremely lucky.

But conch are everywhere in the Bahamas.  They litter the ocean…

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